Note for Gary

Hi Gary,

Sorry I missed you, but TAG, you’re it-  🙂

Here’s the video on how to transfer a domain name I made for you, and it’s also below. I could do it for you, but then, another web guy would be in control of it and you’re trying to get away from that!

Also, here’s the page of the panorama I made for your site:

I look forward to coaching you in getting your domain back first because you now have a strategic advantage, so let’s get you through that first!

The beats of the process are these (and more elaboration on the video):

  1. Have him send the Authorization Code (EPP code, transfer secret or Domain’s secret) to you, Gary, who will begin the transfer.
  2. Ask him: “Do you still receive email at (This is where the transfer request will be sent.) If “NO,” he must update the contact info first, before beginning transfer, or it will fail.
  3. Have him unlock the domain name.
  4. Purchase the transfer & supply the Auth Code to the new registrar.
  5. *Authorize: Have the prior owner authorize the transfer via the email sent to the administrative email address.
  6. *Complete the transfer: give the final permission via the prior registrar (or wait 5 days for it to be done; better to finish it right away.)

* He does these items, and he HAS to do #5. It goes faster if he does #6 (if he can; not all registrars work that way.)

I’ll be in touch!

Eric Conover

My email address is on the business card, and it’s
I am at the number on the card, and the less formal number (which I can answer quicker) is 781-688-2754

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